2Plus Battery Saver

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Easy Battery Saver
Battery Saver will double your battery life if utilized properly.
Out "Battery Saver" is something absolutely necessary for your Andro, which is more professional and useful than those paid ones. What are you waiting for just download it and give it a try.
Battery Saver is a feature-rich battery prolong application you should not miss it in your Tab or Android Device. Battery Saver helps you monitor and maintain your battery better by supplying you a fruitful amount of information related to your battery status.
Battery Saver shows the real time charging [in percentage] of your device . Battery Saver is your ideal solution for battery management.
Battery widget is also included with battery saver which shows an exact battery level on the phone. Battery widget doesn't drain your battery it's only get the battery status from you andro. When the device is idle, it doesn't update any battery information. So it makes it a battery-friendly widget
*-* Customize  size and position of the widget.
*-* Charging and battery notification on the widgets
*-*Real-time power consumption rankings
*-*Protect your battery effectively
*-*Accurate power level and available time estimation
*-*Moreover, it’s FREE.
*-*Accurate system information display, easy to understand system operation conditions



Version: 11.1

Requires: Android3.0 or later


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