Algebra Tools

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Algebra Tools contains nine easy to use programs to help you in algebra class, the many Algebra Tools are:
-A Factor Generator to help you find a number's factors
-A Quadratic Formula solver
-A Pythagorean Theorem solver
-A program to quickly simplify radicals
-A logarithm solver with the option to change the base value, including the natural logarithm
-A Slope Formula solver
-A program to find the root of a number to any degree
-A Fraction Simplifier
-A tool to quickly convert between fractions and decimals
-A program to generate the equation of a linear line given two points
Extra Features:
-Specify which decimal place to round to and the app will automatically round to that place in all tools with precision
-Doing homework late at night? Enable night mode to make everything easier on the eyes
-Where appropriate, long press on titles to view formulas.
Algebra Tools is recommended to anyone taking Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, and any other mathematics class where these formulas are used.
More Algebra Tools will be added in future updates, if you have a suggestion please send us an email.



Version: 4.2

Requires: Android 0 or later


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