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Like hip hop? Try being a Rapper yourself.
Record, Promo & Share tracks w.
of fans on
Rap Fame
PRO Recording Studio
Auto Tune
Vocal effects & a Huge Library of
Sound like a Pro on your phone with the latest Rap Studio.
Rappers use us to get signed by the
World’s Biggest Labels
Hip Hop Community
Collab w. Stars/ Spread Mixtapes/ Win Prizes/ Get Followed/
Rap Fame is a network where passionate Hip Hop fans can connect and listen to authentic underground rap music.
Discover New Music
Find real Hip Hop talent heading to the top of the Rap Game
Now ft. revolutionary Judge Studio Sessions:
Prove your Rap Knowledge and Discover Fresh new Tracks.
So you’re a Beat Maker?
If you’re a Beat owner / Beat Maker go upload custom beats!
You can Rap Over your custom beats with a subscription.
If you’re a Pro Beat Maker go submit beats officially and you could make it to our official public beat library.
Download Rap Fame and Win the Rap Game:
• Choose a Beat
from a rich library of FREE beats.
!!! Get exclusive beats from top beatmakers !!!
• Rap Recording Studio
ft. Auto Tune, Equalizer, & Vocal FX
• Find Rhymes
for your lyrics with free auto rhyme finder.
• Rap Profile
. showcase studio tracks, social links & stats.
• Top Charts
. Dominate for more likes, plays and comments.
• HOT Feed
. Hand picked rap studio tracks, collabs & videos.
• Rap Contests
. Weekly! Get exposure & win cash prizes
• Playlists
. Create personalized playlists or release an album
• Live Feed
. Follow your favourites and discover new music.
• Hip Hop Community
. Chat with friends and fans directly.
• Collab
with other dope rappers through the rap app.
• Create
Rap Crews or join an existing one
• Share
Tracks on Youtube, IG, FB, Twitter and many more
Straight to Greatness
Become the next Kanye, T Pain or Drake with Rap Fame.
Lay down raps in the Rap Studio w. Auto Tune Vocal Effects
over a rap beat from a Master rap beat maker
Go Record Hip Hop Now
Spit Raps in Rap Fame’s Hip Hop & Rap Studio Easily.
Mix w. auto tune vocal effects, equalizer and more.
Want to use a real rap beat made by a pro beat maker?
Why not try our massive free rap beat library!
Step up your rap game! Introducing PREMIUM Vocal FX
Rap studio (with a VIP subscription).
. Polish your raps with Auto Tune! The app’s auto vocal tune corrects your pitch and wavering notes. Make your recording legit. The Rap Studio is Yours!
Sound like Drake, Kanye or T Pain with our autotune app.
. Create a 2nd voice track with an auto tune vocal effect to adjust the pitch! Record Hip Hop Today!
Global Rap Fame!
Our Community has recorded and uploaded more than 2.5
million songs
to date. So, what are you waiting for?
Join the global trend of upcoming and established artists Rapping on Rap Fame!
Pick up the Phone – Drop the Mic!



Version: 2.49.7

Requires: Android4.2 or later


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