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CallAmbulance has grown bigger and better. It is now G1(Jeevan) Platform!
If you are upgrading CallAmbulance from a previous version, your account and data are not affected by this change.
Our special thanks to all the well wishers who have given us many of the suggestions we are implementing now in G1.
G1(Jeevan) is the complete health app for all your health care needs( i.e. Emergency Care and Chronic Care needs):
- Emergency Care (Integration of Ecosystem, First Responders, Micro Insurance)
- Share and Learn on G1 Community
- Get Pill Reminders when Medication is due
- Discover Nearby Healthcare Providers
Emergency Care
Have you ever faced an emergency situation? Have you felt panic stricken and clueless in that situation? Don't worry, we have a solution for you. Introducing India's first and only private integrated medical emergency service app that also integrates wtih GVK EMRI 108- Call Ambulance.
We are revolutionising Emergency Care in India.
1) Get your location in the hands of emergency provider such as GVK EMRI so that they know your location and reach you as fast as possible.
2) Your family and friends care about you the most and they will come to your rescue in emergency. Help you build your own Blood Donor Network from your own contact database and empower your friends & family to help you, should you ever be in distress
3) We are actively building a First Responder Network so that some one who has a bit of training in CPR, Trauma can step up and help the citizen in distress before the Ambulance arrives. Our partners include Red Cross, Art of Living and Glen Eagles
4) Over a period of time, we would be integrating the entire ecosystem so that Ambulance Manager, Driver, Hospital etc will be on the same page coordinating actively to address any emergency incident.
5) CallAmbulance App provides your family with a single link by which they can track the progress on the emergency incident
7) App also allows you to upload your health records so that you have all of them at a single place in the event of emergency
8) What more, In an attempt to ensure the emergency app is useful to every citizen in India we are rolling out all Indian languages in phases.
Not everything is perfect with so many integration points. We request you to understand that this is a journey & it has started ! We solicit your support to make India a safer nation. If you find any discrepancies in the data/ language used please do send us your feedback. It will help million others too. Please feel to write your suggestions to
While we would like to have all the features of the app work across the country, some of the features we are rolling out state by state where as some others are available across the country.
Dialing out to Public Emergency Number --> Across the country
Notification to Family & Friends --> Across the country
Bloody Friends Feature --> Across the country
Micro Insurance --> Across the country
Location Integration with 108 (GVK EMRI) --> Telangana
Integration with Hospitals, Ambulances and Blood Banks, First Responders - Integration work has started in Hyderabad, Srikakulam District & Dhenkanal District
Chronic Health Management
+ G1 Community
You can rely on the G1 Community to get questions around Diseases, Conditions, Nutrition and diet & fitness answered. The community consists of top experts like Doctors and nutrition consultants who answer questions. You can also get suggestions and recommendations from others who have experienced similar health issues.
The G1 Community has expert authored content in the form of blogs, videos, infographics to help you guide in acute care needs .
+ Pill Reminders
Taking Medicines on time is important. Get reminders for all your medicines with times and any display notes
Watch out this space as more integrations and features are likely to be released in the near future! Please write to us at for any queries



Version: 3.0.8

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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