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★ Use for outdoor activities
★ Perfect companion for travel, picnics, camping, hiking or boating
★ Realistic compass design
★ Decimal bearing provides detailed direction
★ Magnetic and True North
★ Incredibly smooth movement
★ Shows where is the North
★ Handy tool for professionals
★ Displays what is your heading and azimuth
★ Gives location coordinates
★ Displays magnetic heading, true heading, magnetic field and location
★ High precision digital compass
★ Simply beautiful
★ Precise direction
★ Navigate in unknown territory
★ No internet connection required
★ Find the way when you get lost
★ Might save your life one day
★ Get cardinal bearing
★ Easy to use
★ Magnetic declination
★ Shows degrees and North, South, East and West.
★ Realistic bezel
★ Performance optimized
★ Shows magnetic field strength and interferences
★ Adjustable compass sensor precision
★ Optimized for all display sizes and resolutions
★ Magnetic and true heading
★ Measurement of angles
★ GPS coordinates
★ Smart, minimalistic and intuitive user interface
★ Instant start
★ Material design
★ Excellent performance
★ Perfect minimalistic design
★ High accuracy North direction
★ Excellent performance
★ Uses the smartest algorithms
★ Perfect everyday companion
★ Ensures the most efficient use of battery
★ Improved True North evaluation proximity
★ Ready for professional usage
★ Doesn't cause battery drain
★ Maximized efficiency
★ Improved reliability
★ Highest accuracy possible
★ Intuitive UX
★ Unique algorithms
★ Total satisfaction
Best practices:
★ Calibrate your device, if compass points to the wrong direction.
★ Accuracy depends completely on the sensors in your device.
★ Keep your device away from magnetic fields, while using the compass.
★ Hold your device flat to the ground with the display facing the sky.
★ Don't forget to turn on GPS High Accuracy location for your compass.
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Version: 004.2018.11.07

Requires: Android 4.1 or later


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