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Easy noticeboard is a simple app to help any organization which needs to send information to its people. Simply create a new noticeboard, then give your people the 6-digit access code. They can then keep up to date with announcements via a free mobile app (available on multiple platforms). Uses could include:
- School bullitins
- Club newsletters
- Meeting minutes
You can quickly and easily send out information, including attachments (for example photos, documents etc) to subscribers. The app is free to everyone (and will always be free), but a PRO version is available which has no ads and more features.
Features of Easy Noticeboard include:
- Set an access password to limit access to your noticeboards
- You can create new articles, edit them or delete them from a noticeboard
- You can optionally set contact information with a noticeboard for subscribers who may wish to contact you (for example, a school website)
Try out Easy Noticeboard - it is designed to be easy for administrators to send information out, and very easy for subscribers to join a noticeboard and receive updates. Better than other social media apps, where information can get lost amongst all of the conversations, or email where emails can get put in spam folders and lost.
Works on any device with an internet connection!



Version: 1.0.3

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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