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For Bengalis speakers who want to learn English and know about the meanings of English words, the English to Bangla Dictionary brings you a database with which you can almost search every English word in Bangla. The app comes with two major features, the details of which are as follows:
English to Bangla Dictionary – The first feature of the app is English to Bangla dictionary. With this feature you can find meaning of English words in Bangla. The database contains the most extensive words in English which you can have translated.
Bangla to English Dictionary – The second feature of the app is the Bengali to English dictionary with the help of which you can easily write Bangla words and get them translated into English. So your banal to English translation purpose can easily be fulfilled with this app.
Bangla to English dictionary app is the best solution when it comes to finding English translation of bangla words and bangla translation of English words. The Bangla to English dictionary feature of the app brings you a big database of Bangla words against which you can find English translation.
Similarly, English to Bangla dictionary feature allows you to find Bangla translation of English words. The Bangla to English dictionary also comes with the feature of thesaurus where you can find the list of Bangla words and by selecting a particular word you can find its English translation. Similarly, in the thesaurus you can find English words for which you can see the Bangla translation. Download the Bangla to English dictionary now and find out the meanings of English to Bangla words in the most easy and user friendly manner.
Also Download the app now and have your own English to Bangla dictionary along with Bangla to English meanings of words.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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