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The ultimate FTPSFTPFTPS Server Even with support for Dynamic DNS UpdatingA free, secure and complete FTP Server for transferring files using an FTP client The app supports adding multiple users, has FTPS Implicit SFTP SCP support and can be set to automatically start an FTP Server when your device is connected to a specific WIFI networkNote. If you find a bug or have a problem please contact us by email since we cannot help you if you post it in the reviews. There are a lot of factors of how to reproduce a bug, for example, it depends on what FTP client you use.In this version you can add two servers FTP, SFTP, FTPS Implicit, or Dynamic DNS Updaters, three users and three optional allowed IP addresses per server. If you want to be able to add unlimited items please buy FTP Server Ultimate Pro. If you buy the pro version you will support development, will be able to add unlimited items and see no advertisementsAnd we haven39;t mentioned all yet; you can even set a dynamic DNS updater So you can always access your device from everywhere, even if the IP changedIt also has extensive logging functionality, and you can even set the app to email you the log automaticallyFeatures summary: Free Run an FTP Server Run a secured SFTP FTP over SSH server Secure the FTP server by using FTPS Implicit SSLTLS with your own certificate or our certificate StartStop a FTP server automatically when connecteddisconnected from a specified WIFI network, or on boot Verbose log filter email, etc Restrict every user to a specific folder on your device Set whether a user has write access Custom commands stop the server, send the log, vibrate the device Optionally only allow specified IP addresses to access a FTP Server Add a Dynamic DNS Updater using the local or public IP of your device UTF8 support The FTP Server can be accessed from the web for example through your 3G connection if supported by your mobile networkAll features: Add multiple FTP Servers For every FTP Server you can set name, port, only access from certain IP addresses, vibrate on a new connection, enable logging, only log errors, start the server when connected to a specific WIFI network and disconnect when the WIFI network is lost, or start on boot, respawn on crash, enable SSL If you enable SSL FTPS: use our SSL certificate, use your own keystore, set keystore type BKS or PKCS12, set keystore password, set keymanager password Add multiple users to every FTP Server For every user set the username, password, document root, force stay in document root, allow write access, allow custom FTP commands more about the custom commands at the bottom of the text For every SFTP Server you can enable public key authentication, password authentication, set a root, allow write access for every user and more Add multiple dynamic DNS updaters set a custom URL, or choose from ChangeIP, DNSdynamic, DNSexit, DNSMadeEasy, DNSOMatic, DNSPark, DtDNS, DynDNS, easyDNS, eNom,, Joker, Namecheap, NoIP, ZoneEdit For every dynamic DNS updater set the name, timeout in minutes, hostname, username, password and whether to update with the local or public IP address, start the Dynamic DNS Updater when connected to a specific WIFI network, update on connectivity change, start on boot On the settings page of the app you can set the maximum log items to keep, whether to keep a WIFI lock prevent WIFI from disconnecting automatically, keep the device alive, keep the device alive full keep the screen on, battery intensive, set to start the app on boot You can searchfilter the log, or set it to be automatically sent when the log limit is reached. Custom FTP commands: SENDLOG, STOP, CUSTOM VIBRATEFor questions, comments or feature requests just contact usVisit us on: http:www.icecoldapps.comFollow us on Twitter: https:twitter.comIceColdAppsLike us on Facebook: http:www.facebook.comIceColdApps



Version: 4.2

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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