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The FayRPG android app is an Android software, which can be found on the website FayRPG main functions intended to be provided, to elicit an Android environment.
- Admin Panel
- Character Data
- User details
- Admin chatbox
- Chatbox
- IM messages
- Forums
- Recent Forum Posts
- Air-craft repair assistance
- Data Server
- Rules
- Quick Guide
- Version Changes
- View Admins
- Online Radio Listening
- Listen to the radio in case of notice of the Start up and background futásról
- Crash, automatically sending error report when a fatal error
- If the message arrival PM (Only the ones earlier than 3 days)
- If you start Youtube Live
- Guest get the last comment notification when responses were received (the only ones earlier than 3 days)
- Push messages (individual users, the possibility of global notifications, only the ones earlier than 3 days)
- -ed SMS received by the server - OFF (only the ones earlier than 3 days)
- Every day payment data from the previous day - ALSO OFF (only the ones earlier than 3 days)
- Case of a server restart - OFF (only the ones earlier than 3 days)
Short description:
Forum posts can be edited if their own comments pressed onto our editing option selected.
Chatbox Message Block with admin rights for the message, tap and yes pressure can be realized.
Anyone who is banned from the website, not even able to use the applications!
The app bug reports and ideas about relations within the menu. If possible, Bug found in the app you use, more or less in the forum!
Adblock detection - the people using adblock for the chatbox, pm message, into a forum for the comments, writing is disabled!
The trading application into touch, poke into strictly prohibited, with the existence of Reflectivity legal consequences may result!
- The app support to the ad click.



Version: 18

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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