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GPS Maps, Voice Navigation & Traffic Road Map will provide easy and Shortcut routes from your current location to destination. Just speak the gps location and then get maps navigate route. GPS Navigation, Satellite Map & Travel Navigation app search route tracks with navigation & direction, shortcut route, re-routes and real-time traffic information. Easy gps map, traffic & location satellite app using Google Maps API for best navigation and best gps route tracking results. GPS map & voice driving direction app will get gps coordinates and point your location on satellite map & gps speedometer will show your vehicle speed on mobile dashboard. GPS Navigation, Satellite Map & Travel Navigation help you to calculate best traffic free routes and time of travel to the destination on maps.
GPS Navigation Maps: Earth Map & Travel Navigation app will plan your trip with friends and family to explore the beauty of nature in the world, just make safe and shortest driving route according to transportation car, bus, railway and walking. GPS Route Finder is the free mobile app to share mobile current location with friends & find them on Map, Helps you to Navigate Freely on Google Maps and get you required directions with Traffic map. Save your favorite locations, share address and world cities gps navigation. Navigate to your home, office and public visiting places in all over the world map with easy and shortest gps direction routes.
GPS Maps: Voice Navigation & Tracking Route Drive app takes edge of GPS maps & satellite Network connection to provide you the worldwide mapping tools and information with live street map and satellite map view at your current location. GPS Route Guide: Earth Map app has all required features of route navigator, by the use of GPS Route Mapping navigation and GPS locator you can find the live routes directions on map. GPS Navigation, Satellite Map & Travel Direction app provide turn by turn voice route guide.
GPS Finder Route Tracking application has also the facility of finding shortest distance course and quick route according to your transportation, your current location, get easy path between two given destinations view etc. GPS Live Route Earth Map application uses Global Positioning System for tracking route with satellite and street view for find a way to their destination & be on road. You can search and visit all the important and visiting places in your nearby at globally e-g Hospital, Gym, bus or train stations, airport, Bar, casino, club, ATM, banks, coffee shop and many more places. Live GPS Route Navigation application has the feature of terrain, 3D image and satellite view of earth to increase accuracy your exact places understanding.
Satellite Earth Map GPS Finder is updated mapping service navigation, draw route for better travel guidance, earth satellite view, 2D driving route, 3D earth images featured application with advance technology. It’s offering great satellite map imagery. live satellite 3D map and street view, and inside complete map of shopping mall, big market and airport perspectives, as well as updated functions such as a route planner 2D and 3D with voice instructions and tourists guide on traveling by walking, car, bicycle, train, or with public bus transportation with automatic re-route and correct traffic feature.
GPS Navigation, Satellite Map & Travel Navigation Features:
Calculate travel distance between two coordinates/ location
Available in all county local languages
Unique 2D route tracking feature
Automatic re-route feature if you forget any turn for transport vehicle drivers
Make correct and shortest driving route worldwide
Live earth historical and attractive places photo capturing feature
Find your accurate driving and walking route
Spoken and written distance, time and route instructions
Satellite view earth – Enjoy the view of earth from the space
Google Maps api used in application for batter results.



Version: 1.4

Requires: Android 4.3 or later


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