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Our team is actively working on various improvements and new features. We will be grateful for any remarks, recommendations and wishes of our users, and will do our best to consider them as much as possible.
ISY (I Silent You) Block - the name emphasizes the fact that you, as a user, can confidently manage all your incoming communications, configure block calls and filter who and when can contact you, and for whom you are temporarily or forever unavailable.
Who is this app for?
For anyone who wants to control their incoming communications without a concern of the consequences of getting an undesired call or message at the most inappropriate time.
Surely, you had situations with undesired calls or messages at the untimeliest moment, with no opportunity to delete the correspondence, hide your phone or block call?
Are you fed up with annoying phone calls from collectors or the bank reminding you about the loan? Are you bothered by the telemarket with their offers to buy a vacuum cleaner or theatre tickets at a “super incredible price” for the tenth time this week? Then call blocker ISY Block is just what you need.
With ISY Block you can easily make "black list" and block calls.
Key features and functions:
- Allows to block selected contacts, hidden/unknown numbers and/or international numbers;
- Any number of any contact can be "black listed" for specific type of incoming communication (for example, you can choose to block calls from work or private number);
- Access the log of "blocked" calls at any time;
- On and off blacklist for contact with one tap;
- ISY Block is absolutely free;
- Works on all versions of Android above 4.0;
- Password protected access to keep away from "prying eyes";
- A trendy and intuitive interface design;
- Ability to choose from 6 color themes;
- Intuitively simple to use;
- Does not consume memory or battery power.
FAQ and advice:
1. Who can I block? You can block absolutely anyone.
1. What should I do if I find a bug? Please inform us via e-mail to and we will make every effort to troubleshoot and fix quickly to assure your improved user experience.
2. If you have any questions on “black list”or block call, please share them with us by e-mail to
3. ISY Block web-site:



Version: 2.3.7

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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