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Assalamualaikum ,, this app contains dozens of studies options that have been presented by Ustad Abdurrahman Al Amiry. Studies which consists of various themes. Design applications are also made attractive and easy to use. Many studies that could be heard both offline and online. Here are some titles of existing studies in this application.
Medications For The Ummah Disputes
Is there any Islamic Courtship Dating In Islam permitted
To be Protected From Defamation Dajjal
The Story Behind the Weeping Women Who Want to fornicate
She Obtain Hidayah Through People Who Have him Spit
Slander End Times; The emergence Many Dai Yang called on the Gates of Hell Hell
Sunni Itself In the Eyes of the People Shiites
Great Lessons From A normal Sailing Ships
Great Lessons From The Real Story A Woman And A Dog's Whore
Legal Marries Pregnant Women For Adultery
Beautiful Beautiful Hijab Hijab
Do not Like to Complain On Facebook Or Other Social Media
Sadness And Fortitude Aisha When Charged For Women Prostitutes
Closer Knowing God And Find the Happiness
Refutes Allegations of Shiites, Sunni Changing Quran With 7 qira'at
History peel appearance of the Shiite
Completed answer 12 Questions A Muallaf Regarding Islam
Brief advice Open Your Heart
State damaged one who
Clothing for Female Age Now More Jahiliyyah Of Age In Jahiliyyah
Our Mothers Against plea Aisyah
and many other studies.
Hope it will study the Al Amiry application can be useful for all users.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.3.3 or later


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