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Are you annoyed when you use the alarm app?
- I don't want to wake up with a forced mission.
- My eyes and hands are tired of the complex UX/UI.
- I wish there were no other complicated functions when setting the alarm.
- It is inconvenient to set an alarm because the letters are small.
- Setting the alarm takes too long to change the time.
- There were many errors after setting the alarm, so I couldn't get up.
- I can't stand the advertising alarm! I don't like paid apps!
KOOL KOOL is not an alarm that forces you to wake up, but a simple alarm that was developed for a light, pleasant morning.
If you want to take a quick nap through simple settings and wake up pleasantly the next day, I recommend 'Kool Kool'!
■ Introduction to Features
1. Default Settings
- Set alarm time by easily dragging with a time picker
- Alarm Day Settings
- Set alarm name
2. Setting up alarm sounds and vibrations
- Choose music on your personal mobile phone
- Set sound size
- Set Up the Sound Increasingly
- Vibration Usage Settings
3. Snooze settings
- Select to use the snooze function up to 3 times at 5-minute intervals
- This alarm clock app uses DEVICE MANAGER permission



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android5.0 or later


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