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Learn Chinese Language & Chinese Translator
is an app Where you can Learn mandarin Chinese in an easy way.
"Learn Chinese Language - Chinese Translator" is a free Android app to help you learn and speak
mandarin Chinese language
. It is a fun and engaging app that allows you to learn Chinese more efficiently. It uses effective learning methods and techniques to help beginners who wish to get hold of Chinese before going there.
Whether you are a student who is going to China for studies or traveler who is going there for vacation, this app is appropriate for everyone. We recommend this app to business people, tourists and students alike. Whatever is your reason for visiting China, it always comes in handy to have the know-how of their language before getting there.
People who travel often can understand the struggle of communicating with others who can’t speak their language or even English language. Chinese are especially known for embracing their culture and language, which is why they don’t like the idea of learning any other language. Therefore, it becomes even difficult for you to communicate when you are there. You are not likely to find many people who can speak English, and that is why you must learn basics of Chinese language if you are deciding to go there anytime soon or if you are already there.
Chinese is one of the languages that often intimidate people, and they usually encounter many problems which keep them from mastering this distinctive language. We have designed this app with different aspects to help you learn Chinese quickly, whether you are a beginner level learner or advanced level.
Features of Learn Chinese Language - Chinese Translator
- English and Chinese translation available for all words and phrases
- Correct pronunciation of content by native Chinese speaker
- Phrases and sentences are appropriately categorized for ease of users
- Offline app for uninterrupted learning
- No internet access is required to use the app
- Free app; no registration or sign up
If you still think you can’t learn Chinese language or improve your Chinese listening and speaking skills without a teacher, then you must think again. Because YOU CAN! Accurate Chinese pronunciation is available to help you correctly pronounce the commonly used words and phrases. We bet it has never been this fun and easy to learn Chinese.
Download Learn Chinese Language - Chinese Translator and start learning Chinese language NOW!
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Thank you for choosing
Learn Chinese Language - Chinese Translator
app to learn Chinese!
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Version: 2.3

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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