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♥ Searching for some new way to spruce up your phone screen? If so, we have a brand new “lock screen app” that will knock you off your feet! The ❥Love Photo Lock Screen App❥, let you make your own love story out of your romantic couple pictures. Pick up your favorite cute selfies that you've taken with your boyfriend and put it on a background on your display. Lock up your smartphone in a most adorable way by adding your “love photos” and put a password in order to secure your home screen from intruders. Thanks to this amazing “love photo locker” all your precious moments will be safe and sound!
Instructions for setting up your new lock screen wallpaper:
♥ Turn on the 'Enable lock screen' option;
♥ Enter your password and then reenter the same password for confirmation;
♥ Customize your desired lock screen theme;
♥ Select your favorite “love screen wallpaper” and put it on your display;
♥ Choose between a 12 and 24-hour system;
♥ Easy navigation with fast browsing option;
♥ Turn the date on or off;
♥ Show or hide battery status;
♥ Make your device both beautiful and protected!
♥ Add some cute decoration such as pink hearts, fluffy teddy bears, sweet cupcakes – you name it, we got it!
♥ Preview of missed calls, text messages, alarm reminders and other notifications on your “love screen” with a password;
♥ Download free of charge ❥Love Photo Lock Screen App❥ and transform your ordinary phone screen into a gorgeous one!
♥ It's not always easy to show affection to your loved one, whether you've been together for a while or have only been seeing each other for a moment. Thanks to this incredible ❥Love Photo Lock Screen App❥ you'll discover the best way to show some tenderness to your boo. Adorn your phone with your favorite couple picture and watch your display shines bright like your smile in that photo! Every time you take a look at fantastic display you'll feel like you are falling in love over and over again with this one of a kind “love screen locker”! Instead of watching a chick flick or reading a romantic poem, you can swipe to unlock your phone screen and enjoy the sweetness of your cellphone's display!
♥ Are you constantly feeling butterflies in your stomach? Don't worry – you are in love! Show everyone how nuts you are about your boyfriend by choosing your favorite photo memory as a wallpaper on your lock screen. But don't forget that safety comes first! Prevent unwanted visits by adding your own passcode so that no one will be able to access your cellphone when you're not around. This astonishing “photo screen look app” is both pretty and useful, and you'll adore to use it all the time!
♥ If you're hopelessly in love, we have a perfect love screen app that will turn your device into the most lovable gadget. ❥Love Photo Lock Screen App❥ helps you to create the romantic atmosphere that will make your display breathtaking! Your chosen love photos will be the first thing you see when you introduce your password in order to unlock your personalized phone screen. You can even put your couple pictures instead of the keypad keys and enjoy using this cutest “lock screen app with themes of love”. The only thing that you have to do is to press the download button and voila, this awesome screen lock app is yours!



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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