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The renewed MOOR app is intended for employees of Dutch municipalities. This app allows you spot information about roadwork and work in the public area of ​​the municipality for which you work, you can see on the map. Via GPS determines your position on the map and you see all the work in your immediate vicinity.
You may view the most relevant information about this work immediately. Alternatively, the outreach work which introduced a system operator or contractor and realize this immediately approve and / or modify. From your smartphone or tablet is also possible notes and / or photographs to add (including location / time), which are directly linked to work. Additionally, you can report a work completed on site.
All this information is then also reflected in MOOR Platform®. And can be sent to stakeholders via email notifications.
This application allows municipalities who close streets, logoff work well demonstrably and its associated project photos register after completion of a project. Also, one can immediately boost the work done on site. You do not have to do more in the office afterwards, but it can be directly on site. This means that there is a step-away and you can enter faster and more accurate data.
You will need an account in the MOOR platform for the use of the MOOR app. please contact us for more information about MOOR platform. See our website:



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android 4.2 or later


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