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Marbel Learning Reading and Spelling is an educational application for children aged 6-8 years. This application helps children learn to recognize letters of the alphabet A to Z, to distinguish between consonants and vowels, as well as teach you how to spell per syllable.
Children can learn how to spell two words to one word. The word used in this application are common words so easily understood by children. Let the mother, we introduce children to the fun of reading as early as possible. Marbel Learning Through Reading, learning is no longer boring ..!
Marbel combines the concept of learning and playing into one that gave birth to a way of learning more enjoyable. The material will be presented in an attractive form comes with Image + Sound Narrative + animation to attract children's interest in learning. Furthermore, they can hone skills through educational games provided.
- Learning Each Letter
- Learning Letter Consonant
- Learn Vowel
- Learning One Syllabics
- Learning Vowel & Syllabics
- Learning Syllabics & Vowel
- Learning Two Syllabary.
- Learn Three Syllabary.
- Learn to Spell Name Fruit
- Learn to Spell Name Vegetable
- Learn to Spell Name Animals
- Learn to Spell Name Color
- Play Guess the number of syllables
- Separating the syllable Mermain
- Play Guess syllables
- Play Stunt
- Graphics and animations are interesting.
- Equipped with narration to help children who do not yet know how to read.
These applications can be classified into children's learning apps, educational apps, educational games, book learning, interactive learning, Puzzle Games, Games for girls, picture books, coloring books, learn coloring.
ON Marbel
Marbel is a special education application for children ages 2 s / d 8 years. Together Marbel, children can learn a lot of things in a fun way. There are teaching materials that will help children to learn about something for example letters, numbers, fruits, vegetables, Hewat, means of transportation, color, and many more. The most interesting of marble is: a fun educational game. There is a wide variety of games that will test their skills. The game consists of: right quick, dexterity, memory, ingenuity, brain teasers and many more. Marbel equipped with interesting pictures and animations, original music, and narration useful guide for children who do not yet know how to read.
We expect criticism and suggestions from you, please do not hesitate to send it to:
Further information about Marbel:
#Twitter: @educastudio
#Instagram: Educa Studio
For mothers who like to accompany the children to play, there is no harm in trying the app Marbel. Children not only have fun in the play, but also useful knowledge. Learning while playing .. ?? Why not..?? Pligg we accompany children to learn, along Marbel course .. :)



Version: 3.0.7

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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