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Mobile University® College Search Pro is a comprehensive college search and scholarship search utility. With Mobile University® College Search Pro, prospective and current students can research information on more than 4,300 two-year and four-year colleges and universities within the United States. In addition, users can search over 20,000 private and school specific scholarships.
First a user can create a personal profile that is stored on the device detailing personal and contact information, academic/test score information, and any extra-curriculum activities for which they are involved. The profile can then be used for various school and scholarship searches within the app. After creating a profile, the profile can then be forwarded to a school that the student wishes to contact. With Mobile University® College Search Pro, users can take control of their college research, as well as communicate with schools under their own terms.
The college search capabilities are extensive and comprehensive. Users can perform searches that provide comparison between school information and their profile, as well as what-if scenarios. Mobile University® College Search Pro school search features are as follows:
• Six distinct school searches including searches based on profile data and geo-location.
• Favorite School feature to allow quick access to previous researched schools, side-by-side comparisons, and school calendar deadlines, and notes.
• Four predefined popular canned searches.
• Predefined searches for 30 different religious affiliations
• Comprehensive school information in 19 different categories
The Mobile University® College Search Pro scholarship search engine allows the user to search over 20,000 scholarships for which they may qualify. The engine contains
• A profile based search which searches for scholarship based on various profile values such as gender, GPA, and location.
• A school specific search where scholarships for a specific school can be viewed.
• A custom search by academic level, from High School Freshman to Post-Doctorate, where the user can search by up to 27 different categories.
• The ability to save scholarships for faster reference and referral.
Additional features of Mobile University® College Search Pro are as follows:
• Community Newsfeed where users can share tips and information about their experience with the app and college research.
• Sharing capabilities where users can share content on Facebook, via email, and on the Newsfeed.
• Global Profile that allows the user to save a version of their profile that can be shared and used with other Mobile University® apps such as Mobile University® Just Sports and College Atlas and Trip Planner.



Version: 2.6.1

Requires: Android 4.0 or later


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