Rasta Lock Screen

4.6 (10)

Personalization | 7.3MB


Rasta lock screen
For all fans of Rastafari - Very classy application with the ability to put a password on the lock screen, change the background image and many other key pieces for you bro!
The basis of Rastafarianism is love for the neighbor and the rejection of Western society, which Rastamans call "Babylon." They proclaim the Holy Land, Zion's original homeland. Rastafarianism includes various social and political tasks, such as socio-political views and teachings of the Jamaican journalist and organizer Marcus Garvey, who is also often seen as a prophet. In Rastafarianism the spiritual consumption of cannabis is widespread. According to the followers of Rastafarianism, the use of cannabis does not affect the health of the person, but, on the contrary, improves the condition, makes it possible to cleanse from unnecessary understanding of the world, "because it does not cure in other ways."



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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