Love Test 2020 - Photo Match Love Test prank

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Love Test - Fingerprint Love Test is the app for calculating the love score .
This app use standard alogorithm to calculate the love score
Love Test app has love meter which is new in love testing .
Love Test App will show the results by performing various test such as
Name love test
Photo love test
Date love test
Number love test
Fingerprint love test
Features of Love Test - Fingerprint Love Test app
1. Name love test = Name match will show score by matching your
name & your partner name .Score will be displayed in love meter .
2. Photo love test = Photo match is very new to love testing apps.When you upload your &
your partner photo IT will show love score .Photo match
is interesting you can enjoy
testing your love as many times you need .
3. Fingerprint love test= Fingerprint scanner will show the love score by scanning
4. Date of birth match = Love score will be shown in
love meter using standard numercial
alogorithm .
5. Number love test = When you enter your lucky number on the number match .Love
meter will automatically display score.
Disclaimer Notice:
App is for prank purposes only.
The Love Test app is designed for entertainment purposes.
App does not have capability of effectively determining the power of love.
This app just show results based on the standard alogorithm .
Dont take results seriously .
Play this funny love test app with your friends ,partner ,lover
or share your love match result with them



Version: 9.0

Requires: Android 4.1 or later


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