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We Indians love to save a lot when we do shopping. There is no exception when it comes to Online Shopping. Amazon, FlipKart and Snapdeal are the e-commerce websites that most of us trust when we do online shopping and we usually compare the price of the product that we are planning to buy in either their websites / application. Now Shopping Buddy does that job for you. It allows you to Compare price between Amazon, FlipKart and Snapdeal before you purchase online and lot more.
- Search & Compare Prices between all major online shopping websites in India.
- Do a quick search and Shopping Buddy will list you products that matches you search criteria from Amazon, FlipKart and Snapdeal.
- Get notification when price drops for your favorite product. Simply select "Notify when price drop" check box after adding a product as Favorite. You will receive notification as and when the price drops. If you would like to wait for further more price drop for the same product un-check and check the Check box again.
- You can even add those products as your favorites, so that you can purchase them later.
- Scan BarCode of the grocery or other products that we regularly use at home and purchase them directly from Amazon.
- Get instant notifications for all amazing offers from all major e-commerce websites in India.
- View Offers from FlipKart based on Category and lot more...
Usage Guidelines:
- Be specific when you search for products to get accurate results. Generic search may give vague results.
- Click on any product Image to see larger image and pinch to zoom.
- Use Purchase List if you buy a product frequently at Amazon (Ex. Monthly grocery items). You can add product to Purchase list from the Search Results (only Amazon Products) or when you scan a BarCode.
- After setting price drop alert for a specific product, you will get notifications regularly. If you wish to stop it, remove price drop notification for that specific product from Favorites. If you wish to wait for the price to drop much lower, remove and re-enable price drop alert for that specific product.
- Enable flashlight from Settings if you are scanning a BarCode in dim light.
- Adding a product as Favorites will not trigger a price drop alert. You have to explicitly enable Price Drop Alert check box for the Products that you are interested in at Favorites to get Price Drop Notifications.
- Visit our YouTube channel below to see Demo's on how to use various features of the app.
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Version: 5.2

Requires: Android 4.0.3 or later


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