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Download Slider Box Widgets to group your applications and to get more spaceThis application contains icon packs which are used in Slider Box Widgets application. Normally this application is installed on SD card. Otherwise you can move this application onto SD card.If you use Slider Box Widgets application and enjoy it please support this applicationYasin EFESenior Software DeveloperTo SupportOn android play store. Go Android Play Store You may click google 1 You may click tweet You may add a comment On this page. You may add a comment on this blog pages You may share with your friends with share buttonsfacebook : http:www.facebook.compagesSliderBoxWidgets231355163634819keywords : organize application, organize bookmark group application, group bookmark, launcher, application launcher, homescreen widgets, widget, dashboard, tool personalization, customization



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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