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Want to find a quiet restaurant, bar, coffee shop or venue where you can actually hear your date, colleague, or partner? SoundPrint’s allows you to rate the loudness of the venue and submit (crowdsource) that data to the database. You then can search for venues based on how quiet or noisy they are.
+ Search for venues based on their noise level (i.e. quiet, moderate, or noisy)
+ Rate the noise level of a venue
+ Submit the rating of a venue to SoundPrint’s database
Important note:
SoundPrint for Android is currently a *read-only* version of the app as we're working on implementing a decibel meter for Android. Microphones across numerous Android hardware devices vary in quality and accuracy, hence making calibration difficult (whereas the iOS system has more accurate and consistent microphones and software standards).
The current Android version is released to allow Android users to search for venues while still contributing to the community by submitting "subjective-based" noise ratings while we are working on getting the actual decibel meter accurate.



Version: 2.0.1

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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