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Listen to your music when and where you want it with substreamer and the Subsonic music server (
SubStreamer is a completely free music player app for the subsonic music server (
Easily see newly added, recently played and most played albums or just grab a list of random albums or songs for something different.
Like that song?
Play similar songs with a click!
Discover new songs and old favorites by genre and time period with substreamer radio.
Just choose what you want and get a random generated playlist, just like radio without the ads!
Got a song stuck in your head?
Sure that you have it on an album somewhere but just can't remember where?
Just search!
Connect your subsonic server with your account and Substreamer can also tap into to give you more information about artists, songs and albums in your collection and recommend similar artists, similar songs or give you a list of the top rated songs in your own collection for you to explore.
Scrobbling to is also supported!
Build up a play queue of your favorite rock songs and just hit save as playlist to have it stored on the server for later.
Quick actions available directly on songs to add to new or existing playlists, check out the artist, album or find more similar songs.
Of course you can also just hit your favorite album and press play.
Full offline support. Albums, songs and playlists on your device available anywhere any time.
Automatic caching of upcoming songs for smooth playback.
Selectable Storage location, internal memory or SD card (your choice!)
Easy playlist management for adding single or multiple tracks to a playlist or starting a new playlist.
Radio mode generates random playlists for your chosen genre or time period (or both!)
Quick lists of random / recently played / frequently played and newest albums right up front.
Search for artists, albums, songs integration for fetching artist info, recommendations and playlists based on ratings scrobbling
If you run into any bugs please let me know, i use this app every day myself and am always trying to make it better!
This is a completely new app and there will be bugs I am sure or features that you would like to see added, just drop me a line at
The substreamer website will soon be updated with a FAQ and more details for this new version so do keep an eye on as well.
Subsonic Server v5.1 or later (API level 1.11.0) or madsonic equivalent.
If you use SSL on your server you MUST have a valid SSL certificate, self signed or invalid certificates will not work.
If you can update to Android 6 or later then please do so, app performance is MUCH better!
** If you use it or like it please leave me a review & rating it will really help! **
Get Subsonic server at:



Version: 3.6.9

Requires: Android 0 or later


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