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If you want to stay productive or increase productivity, Take Notes is the app for you.
Take Notes enables you to remember everything you need to do, while setting priorities.
This app will enable you to create Post it style alerts and reminders, or set notes on anything you want, making sure you get things done.
You can pin the notes anywhere on your Android, fix them, post them, alter them, resize them and more.
You can even make sure the notes are always visible, even appearing overlayed on top of other apps.
These alerts and notes will ensure you will be organized and productive, Postit style!
Notes App for Android Free:
If you’re looking for a free android notes app or just want to download a notes app for Android free, then this is the application for you.
Take notes helps you stay productive and organized by giving you the means to post notes in a postit style anywhere on your android – do the smart thing and keep those memos on top of your head.
Never forget anything again.
Notes Widget for Android:
It’s not a game, it’s a widget for the people who want their mobile device to be more than a simple tool that serves to call people and send texts.
Have your phone be your schedule, your shopping list, your work day and more.
Try out this widget note app online and offline and see what difference it makes (yes, it runs just as fine offline as it does online, no worries about wifi).
A Sticky Notes Tool:
This sticky notes tool acts as an alerts for android app and gives you reminders and memos, among other memory auxiliary information.
The truth is, if you can do it with a note, you can do it here.
The notes can be fixed, moved around, fixed above other apps, dismissed, edited and rescaled – you name it!
Try Take Notes today!



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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