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Twelp Assist is a furniture, dedicated to service providers of roadside assistance.
Twelp Assist is provides the ability to interact with clients that are in emergency situations, having a solid foundation formed by total transparency, professionalism and rapidity of the partners in the use of the services. It is easy to use, assistance services providers can interact with clients and instant one thing in real time.
If you offer roadside assistance services you only need to download the free application and Twelp Assist, you have access to applications for road assistance near your location.
Twelp Assist offers transparency, professionalism and rapidity in the interaction between clients in emergency situations and road services roadside assistance providers in just four simple steps.
Register as a service provider of roadside assistance, install the application, see the requests coming from clients and if you want to express your opinion in a timely manner, send the customer's offer.
If your offer is accepted by the client, the client pay for the services and you receive in your phone the location where you need to move, and on the basis of the description of the event made by the client, decide what car travel to intervention.
The application provides a very good management of the interventions performed, cost per intervention or on each car hauled in hand, you can generate reports that can then be exported.
Forget about taking care of your business promotion costs, forget about taking care of invoices, forget that maybe won't be paid by the customer, install the Twelp Assist.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android 4.1 or later


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