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Recently, there was a widely publicised successful hacking to accounts on two well known networking and messenger software apps using known weaknesses and vulnerabilities of little known international network called SS7. The technique is very simple and very known to spies and hackers. The technique capitalizes on using mobile phone numbers for verification, and end-to-end encryption. Shortly after, there was a news report that the Electronic Military Intelligence of certain country have hacked the accounts for 15 millions users of one of those two well known messenger software app. The President of the company that developed the software app have denied the news. However, there was not any independent reports to confirm either side of the story.
The Whatsapp software app uses the above mentioned verification and encryption techniques. From the technical point of view, it is well known to the experts in the field that the above mentioned verification and encryption approaches leaves the users easy target and prey for spies and hackers.
This app provides a second completely independent layer of proven military/intelligence/security grade encryption (using AES-256) for messages sent on the Whatsapp app. If a spy or a hacker is successful in gaining access to the user's account, the spy/hacker will not to be to read the message because it is completely encrypted by independent key. This app will need the support our free app SecuredPGPWhatMessages to be installed on the device.
Whatsapp app will attach only multimedia file formats (6 different formats). As a result, it will not attach encrypted files. Therefore, this app will encrypt only messages for Whatsapp app. Users interested in attaching encrypted files should look at our other apps SecuredEmail and SecuredIM which can attach encrypted files of any format.
On some devices, this app can not launch the Whatsapp app. Therefore, this app will copy the encrypted message to the clipboard (i.e. buffer). The user can then paste the encrypted message into the space for the regular message, and then send it in a regular fashion to the contact who owns the encryption key used in encrypting the message.
Traditionally, encryption has been cumbersome and confusing to most of people. The UI for this app provides a clear and simple way for user to get the safety and privacy of encrypted messages using the well known military/security/intelligence encryption AES-256.
This software app is written specially to suite legal professionals (judges and lawyers), police/security/intelligence/military officers, financial or investment professionals, politicians, senior business officials, senior government officials, diplomats, and political, freedom, democracy, or human rights activists.
Check our full line of serious secured apps for serious professionals:
- SecuredEmail for secured encrypted emails;
- SecuredIM for secured encrypted IM (Instant messages);
- SecuredMms for secured encryped MMS;
- SecuredVault for secured large data/info storage and transfer/sending;
- UltraTelegram for secured encrypted messages and attached files on Telegram app;
- UltraFacebookM for secured encrypted messages on Facebook;
- UltraWhatMessages for secured encrypted messages on Whatsapp;
- UltraViberM for secured encrypted messages on Viber;
- UltraAllo for secured encrypted messages on Allo app;
- UltraInstaMessages for secured encrypted messages on Instagram;
- UltraSkyMessages for secured encrypted messages on Skype.
Each of the above apps is available for monthly subscription for the service of the app.
If you have a problem using this app after subscribing to the service, let us know, and we will help you out to use the app.
This is a serious app for serious people who have serious very important and high value business and information that need to be protected.
(*) All tradenames mentioned above are owned by their respective companies.



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android3.0 or later


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