Uphill Gold Transport Truck Driver 2019

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Uphill Gold Transport Truck Driver 2019
Do you love to transport the precious metal
from Gold Raw Factor to Gold dealer shops with high security risk from robbers on impossible narrow tracks.
Become the rescue gold truck uphill driver on off-road and transport the real gold from the the hilly mountain site to the newyork city of GOLD.
Do you love driving transport trucks while climbing mountains and hills? If yes then welcome to Uphill Gold Offroad Transport Truck Driver 2019 game whereas a real mountain driver you will transport truck logistics. While driving the uphill truck on the mountain road you need to drive carefully because the big road has narrow hill tracks.
Get ready for grand Gold trailer truck driving experience with crazy offroad stunts where you will drive offroad Gold truck in this driving simulator game. Winter season is here and you have been hired for Gold truck driving duty to complete transportation tasks in extreme weather conditions. Offroad Transport Gold Truck Driving Simulator 2019 is one of the most realistic 8 wheeler Gold truck driving simulator game with offroad adventure.
Achieve your goal of becoming a best miner of minerals and gold digging. Drill deep into hard mountains to crush rocks for mining gold and become a Gold mine tycoon. Dig on hilly areas with your heavy driller crane machine crane and load into dumper truck and enjoy hill drive by driving in challenging off-road gold extraction mission.
Sit behind the long vehicles steering and control the grand truck while performing your transport duty. Drive a loaded truck on steep hills and dangerous mountains with great precision and accuracy. While driving loaded trucks on bumpy roads slow down your speed over offroad hilly environment and along snow green farms.
Features of Uphill Gold Transport Truck Driver 2019 Simulator game:
- Free to play Gold truck game 2019
- No internet needed, can be played offline
- Load Gold From Factory to Offroad Long Trailer
- Regular check the security
- Gold Is Precious so load with safety
- Take the impossible Truck Drive with loaded gold
- Go to the city area
- Newyork Gold Truck Dirver mission
- US Gold Transport Truck Simulator 2019
- Unload the Gold On jewelers shop in the Miami City
- Transport Gold to Taj Mahal
- Gold Security Truck Driver 2019
- Addictive gameplay with a lot of fun
- Smooth and easy control
- Realistic Vehicles sounds
- Thrilling slippery roads for real adventure
- Multiple camera views for mountain lorry driver
To become a real gold transport driver you need to keep trucking with dumper truck in off-road hilly areas. While driving for the gold rush on uphill and downhill make a balance between race and break. There are multiple cargo transportation missions for truck drivers. You need to plan the cargo delivery route because the curly roads are not for reckless driving or over speeding.
You will get realistic truck driving simulator experience by playing this Uphill Gold Transport Truck Drive 2018 game. So, It's time to start the engines. Huge Euro trucks and European hill tracks are waiting for your arrival. Through rough terrain, mountains enjoy loaded trips with slope truck.



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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