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When you lose or forget your phone regularly at room, shop, apartment and office? 
You wasting a lot of time in finding your smart phone and no one want to waste a minute in this world for that we designed this application you just speak something what you put it in the keywords to find and rest the app do the track for you in a second .
- Just say a word to configure and get started
- Sound/Vibrate/Flash Alert modes
- Customizable time for which the alert plays
- Customizable ringtone & volume
- Auto start app when phone is put on silent
- Pause speech detection when not needed
Voice to Find My Phone: Clap to Find Phone which is loudly ringing on Voice/Clap, will come in handy if you are scared that in case of urgent need, you will suddenly lose your devices. Don't be scared anymore!
Clap To Find My Phone app is a professional app which helps you finding lost phone in your room/office. It's the best and easiest way to quickly check where your phone is. If you can't find your phone always use clap to find my phone. It is phone finder apps on clap.
Lost your phone in the living room, sandwiched deep within the abyss of the couch cushions again? Simply say your keyword, and your lost device will start to blare, helping you find your phone in seconds!
Clap to find my phone is a professional tool which helps you finding lost phone. It detects sound of clapping and run loud alarm. Then you will easily find mobile phone. It's the best and easiest way to quickly check where your phone is. Phone also can be found using speak to find phone also you can whistle and find your phone so people we can say whistle phone finder as well. 
Find your lost phone by clapping into your hands!Clap your hands and always find your lost device.Clap your hands to turn on flash & sound to always find your lost mobile phone!
Find phone where you kept, Just Clap or Speak to find phone. This Clap or Speak to find phone app is awesome & amazing app. Do you lose your phone regularly at home/office? Do you waste a lot of time in finding it? If yes, Speak to Find is an app just for you.
It detects sound of clapping and triggers alarm and track phone by clapping. Clap to flashlight on this application and it is clap to find app. This is clap to find mobile and where in my phone to clap to find your phone. You can clap to find our phone easily in your home or office.
 You can slow clap to find your mobile and clap to find your tablet. Don't touch my phone alert is phone security apps and security alarm. Mobile alarm security alarm is alarm security system and please dont touch my phone alarm.
Just enable the app and free yourself from the tension of finding your phone. Now your phone will tell you where it is by ringing/vibrating/flashing, you just need to Clap to find it also helps you to find lost phone in your home or office or any other places. 
Thank You !!!



Version: 1.2

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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