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Do you want to get rid of boring conversations or want to play pranks with your friends? Here’s the free app for you which let you make fake calls via whatsapp, skype, hangout, Facebook messenger, viber and many more to come.
How it works:
➤ Add name of the person who you would like to call you.
➤ Upload his/her profile picture.
➤ Record the voice which you want to play in the call.
➤ Select time interval after which you would like to get a call.
➤ Select type of call you want to make i.e whatsapp, skype, hangout, facebook messenger or viber.
That’s it, you will get the call after your selected time interval
Why you should download Prank Fake Call:
➤ Prank fake call is free of cost
➤ You can make fake calls and play pranks with your friends
➤ You can get out of boring meetings anytime with this prank fake call
➤ Prank fake call is fun unlimited
➤ You can make fake calls without any internet connection as well
➤ It is easy to make fake calls with this prank fake call app
➤ We will update the app regularly
Prank fake call give you multiple modes to create fake calls i.e whatsapp, skype, hangout, facebook messenger & viber and many more apps.
Download, make fake calls, play pranks and have unlimited fun for FREE.



Version: 7.3

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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