Wireless Communication

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PercBook is a mobile learning app designed to enhance and strengthened knowledge about various subjects in college. This can also be used in review courses.
PercBook - Wireless Communication is composed of almost 970 Board Exam Oriented questions with solutions and is equivalent to 750-page Book.
It contains the following topics:
Chapter 1. Introduction to Data Communications
Chapter 2. Data and Signals
Chapter 3. Data Link Protocol
Chapter 4. Address Mapping, Error Reporting
Chapter 5. Process-Process Delivery
Chapter 6. Domain Name System
Chapter 7. Network Security
The PercBook is hybrid (Online & Offline Operation)
Use online(Internet or data) to:
- Register & Submit Exams
- Create & Join Class
- View Exams of Students ( for teachers/mentors)
- Study Learning Essentials
- Can take Formative Exams
- Take Section Mastery exams
- Take Chapter Mastery exams
- Take Book Mastery exams
- Review "My Performance"
Also Available our PercBook - Passers Mastery Module (PMM):
MATH Passers Mastery Module
GEAS Passers Mastery Module
ESAT Passers Mastery Module
ELEX Passers Mastery Module
All can be used for Blended Learning or Class ICT Integration.
Learn anytime and anywhere!
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Version: 101

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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