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WorkfloPlus converts any form, checklist or human process into easy to follow digital instructions, deploy-able to any smart device - including wearable technology.
This cutting edge human process management software creates ‘mini-apps’, in-house, within minutes, with absolutely no programming required.
Now there is no need to wait months for an enterprise app to be scoped, designed and delivered - WorkfloPlus can be fixing operational problems in real-time, with none of the delay, upheaval and frustration of using expensive external software consultants.
With the power of WorkfloPlus a workflow could be a simple 4 step digital instruction for one worker - or a 1000+ step process coordinated between multiple participants distributed around the globe – How ever big or small your human process challenges are, you can fix them in-house and on time with WorkfloPlus.
Features & Benefits include:
- Full digital audit trails for any process – reducing the need for paper based systems
- Automated report writing and distribution – saving hours of duplication
- Increased productivity & efficiency - creating more time to achieve more goals
- Improved Health & Safety procedures – now you can see policy is being implemented
- Assured Legal Compliance – step-by-step processes can be set as compulsory
- Enhanced Quality Control – achieve best practice first time and every time
- Photo facilities with annotation for evidence gathering
- GPS and time-stamps for accurate process monitoring
- Big Data collection for in-depth BI Analysis
- Compatible with any platform and device agnostic
- Works with voice activated wearable technology
- Links with Bluetooth, WiFi, RFID, NFC, Beacons for IoT compatibility
- Integrates with legacy systems for data transfers and modular functionality
- Human Machine Interface (HMI) capability for Industry 4.0 applications
- Cloud or Local hosting options
- Bespoke feature service available
Getting started with WorkfloPlus couldn’t be simpler:
1. Define any task 2. Deconstruct it into individual steps 3. Decide which steps are optional and which are mandatory 4. Enter the steps into the drag-and-drop editor
WorkfloPlus instantly converts them into digital instructions deploy-able to any desk-top, mobile or wearable device, ready to be completed on or offline with all data automatically uploaded and stored and reports instantly generated and distributed.
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Version: 2.4.1016.417

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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