دعاء الفرج المستجاب

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It is beautiful to go to God's demand and supplication, it is one else Atty Wahab, and others FAFSA anguish and worry and plugging debt and spending needs, he is our Creator, Almighty Gel for than others, many of us who seeks relief from Allah Almighty but did not know any words for him to Atugeh to God, many of us prefer to call God's words and prayers of the prophets and apostles, so in the application Doaa Farag unmet collected you Duas vulva and vagina keys different voice Senate, Ahfezoh and Rddoh and went to God in good faith and the heart sincere in prayer, the most important of words is the intention and heart Moguen in The answer from God Almighty God when he thought his servant.
Supplications from which a Muslim can call the request of the vulva and remove the anguish and concern of God Almighty, the following:
◄ The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him say when anguish: "No God but God Almighty Halim, there is no god but Allah, the Lord of the Great Throne, there is no god but Allah, the Lord of the heavens, Lord of the earth, Lord of the Throne," Bukhari and Muslim.
◄ in the correct and others, that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said: "Our Lord descends, the Almighty every night to the lowest heaven while remaining third of the night, he says: Who calls me Voostagib him, and asked me to whom I give, and Astgverni forgive him."
◄ said peace be upon him: "It is necessary for forgiveness from God made him both a narrow way out, and all they respite, and a living where the count," Narrated by Abu Dawood, and Women's, and Ibn Majah.
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douaa faraj al ham et douaa al moustajab douaa faraj al karb wa douaa al faraj soudais et Dua Faraj et Dua Al Faraj wa do3a faraj do3a lham et ad3iyat alfaraj et do3a zawaj et Douaa al haja et d3aa al faraj et ad3iya al faraj.
Doaa Farag unmet need and a prayer and a prayer written in the vagina and vulva and prayers go narrow and the need for prayer and the vulva and livelihood and prayers rapid vulva and vagina urgent prayers.



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