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. Themes Added: Now you can set different amazing and trendy themes for your keyboard to change look & feel. Now type with style.
. Emojis Added: Emojis are added for you in keyboard to add more emotions to your conversation.
Bengali Voice typing keyboard allows you to type Bengali text through voice typing. Bengali voice keyboard is an easy to use and helps to write Bengali through voice recognition Bengali voice typing keyboard converts your Bengali voice into Punjabi text. The text will appear after you stop speaking. Speech to text keyboard in Bengali keyboard saves a lot of time and effort of typing Bengali words. The text appears as soon as you start speaking into the application. Once you get used to this app, you can use it to create and share long texts and articles on social media platform and messaging application
Voice to text – Bangla keyboard is for those who speak in Bengali language and get Bengali text automatically typed. This app will capture your voice and convert into Bengali text Speak to text Bengali keyboard is a simple and user-friendly app.
The Speech to text uses special Voice to Text conversion to help you write in your own Bangla language. Write long letters, text messages or blogs in Bangla language very easily. Voice to Text Converter in Bengali is a unique app that is specially designed to help all those Bengali people to write or type in Bangla language. It is very hard to type or write in Bengali using the keyboard. This app will make it easy and quick to write in Bengali through your voice.
How to use:
Open the app after installing
Enable Bengali voice keyboard
Set keyboard as your default keyboard
Click Done
Audio to text – Bengali keyboard is specially design for those who want to write text in Bengali language through Voice. Speak to text Bengali keyboard uses voice recognition and text by voice functionality. Audio to text converter, which provides an easy way for voice to text conversion in Bengali language. The best ever Voice to text Bengali keyboard app has been made for you.
Voice to text Bengali keyboard is the simplest way to type messages in your voice when you cannot type them using the typing keyboard. This voice typing keyboard helps user to get typed text messages without pressing any key.
Using Speak to text Bengali keyboard you can send text to all the messaging application on your phone. Just use this application, speak in Bengali language and get your desired text automatically typed in that language. Audio to text Bengali keyboard will recognize your voice and convert it to your Bengali text



Version: 2.1

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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