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Watercress reading is the most dedicated Chinese writing original platform, any author can come here to write articles, columns, and even medium-length full-length works; at the same time, watercress reading e-book sale Press genuine books, the reader can read exclusive original novel applications and e-books.
More than 7,000 exclusive license to work, after tens of thousands of genuine fine typography authorized books e-books.
Nearly 3,000 original columns and serialized, involving a variety of topics emotional, cultural, financial, psychological, science fiction, history, suspense, etc., contain a large number of free articles.
Magazine electronic version of the mainstream journals, and know almost weekly, iris, Jane books and other Internet magazine featured premium content.
Sophisticated content publishing books, the most beautiful detail rendering, support for annotations in reading lines, adding bookmarks, free sample all works, works can be downloaded to a local, offline reading at any time.
Subscribe columns and serials, and updates the first time reminder.
Purchased works, reading progress, bookmarks, notes and other real-time synchronization across multiple devices.
Comprehensive and clear classification works, personalized book recommendations.
Editing artificial selection theme of books.
By category, by price, by popularity, according to the latest works of a variety of filtering and sorting methods.
Real-time updates of the list popular list, list of new products, such as praise list.
Support send the book to a friend, can one gift, you can buy more than this to the number of friends once, you can also write words of advice.
Support micro-channel, Alipay and other payment methods, safe and convenient to buy books.
A variety of special events, a large number of free work, more affordable boutique reading books.
Support micro-channel, microblogging, watercress account login, that is to become the new user will receive a voucher.
Friendly and responsive customer support.
Since the publication: original works from publishing platform, open to accept the submission (please visit on the computer), online selling authors and works, operation and extension services, the sale of works of income into 70%.
Copyright operators: provide reliable operation for copyright works, including film and television adaptations, paper book publishing copyright business.
Essay Contest: Continuous hosted large-scale events, so that new authors get exposure opportunity, achievement dream of writing.
[More exciting]
Classics: Three Kingdoms, Journey to the West, Outlaws of the Marsh, Lin Yutang, Dream of Red Mansions, Tao Te Ching, Book of Songs, Walden, Charing Cross Road 84, The Moon and Sixpence, White Deer, I Am a Cat, The Shawshank Redemption, 1984 , rabble, the Interpretation of dreams, the Origin of Species, Ode to Joy, trisomy, bereavement grocery store, you have to read the minimalist European history;
Celebrity Biography: Jobs Biography, Musk pass, Zuckerberg pass, Zēng Guofan Chuan, Biography of Mao Zedong, Jiang Jieshi Chuan, Li Jiacheng Chuan, Hu Shi Chuan, Li Hongzhang Chuan;
Administered selling: a sense of participation, from 0-1, entrepreneurship was hard, big data, pay war, big data, Gao Sheng Diguo;
Fiction, literature, humanities and social sciences, economics and management, science and technology science, computer and Internet, successful inspirational, life, children, art and design, cartoon picture books, education, examination, magazines, columns and many other serial classification books you find. ----- Contact Us ----- Email: watercress station: watercress reading Sina Weibo: @ watercress reading micro-channel public number: watercress Read the official website: https: // /



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