احكام التجويد

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The application of the provisions of intonation at all Tajweed rules contain necessary to learn the correct reading of the Koran, where our commitment to the application on Zkrba provisions and rules of intonation and preferred Sur and the Koran states to induce to read the Koran in the right way, where the application contains the following categories:
Fadel fence and verses of the Koran
Knowingly intonation
Where the application contains many of the important topics of Alquaoad such as slurring and cover-ups and Manifesting tide and exits of the letters and other important rules, where he works on the content competent group working content check constantly from a lack of or an amendment to add all of the provisions of intonation and reading sound and that the interests of that this application reference It contains lessons learned intonation and the provisions of the reading and also the application on multiple features, such as allowing the participation of subjects with friends and also register and add them to your favorite contained within a special menu and can be searched with ease from the various provisions and themes by using the search feature within the application.
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