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The iTrack tracking application, you can also obtain information with GPS Tracker for vehicles when not in front of a computer. Along the way, out of hours, or even during your vacation you can get up to date information via the application services - with minimal time investment.
The application only provides support for customers using the iTrack GPS tracking system. . If you are not yet customers of iData Kft, please read before downloading the Application services:
Using the application client using all iTrack GPS System for free. The Internet traffic pricing, mobile operators can provide information.
- Immediate information on the status of motor vehicles
- Automatic update
- Toll-free service
- A fleet of vehicles belonging to online tracking, sharing with others in the vehicle's position and the routes and stops Show Map
- List the previous calendar designated routes for vehicles, in any time period. Upon request, a map is displayed
- Planned and unexpected signal while driving or during job: idle vehicles, door opening, etc..
- Contact each mobile messaging terminals of motor vehicles: the terminal incoming and outgoing communication can also check your own mobile phone
- List detailed information refueling of vehicle location and exact date and amount of fuel before and after refueling
Follow us to be informed for the latest news and updates first:
Customer Service: + 36-21-2000-600
The application installation at the same time accept the Terms of Use and declares the installed iTrack GPS tracking system existence (without which the application case can not be used properly).



Version: 1.0.7

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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