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The app contains more than 30 samples of claims, which are recommended by the courts themselves (source: official sites of the district courts of Moscow). Texts lawsuits are without any changes.
The list of submitted samples Claims:
1. alimony to the child (ren)
2. to recover the debt under the loan agreement
3. for the recovery of maintenance for the grandson (granddaughter)
4. for the recovery of maintenance for the grandfather (grandmother)
5. for the recovery of maintenance for parents
6. for the return of the deposit and Consumer Protection
7. for damages in connection with the death of a breadwinner
8. compensation for harm caused by damage to health
9. for damages caused by traffic accident
10. The damages caused by the Gulf of apartments
11. the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation
12. The annulment
13. Recognition of the marriage contract completely (partially) invalid
14. Recognition of the pre-emptive right to purchase a share in the common ownership of a house
15. Sharing an apartment house in kind between the owners
16. divorce
17. divorce and division of property
18. to change the proportion of the owners of an apartment house
19. The recovery of property from illegal possession
20. the exchange of defective goods (cancellation of the contract of sale and to recover the amount paid)
21. to reduce the amount of maintenance
22. to establish paternity and enforce child support
23. Forced sharing of premises
24. for the recovery of wages and monetary compensation for the delay in payments
25. to restore the deadline to apply for the payment of pension savings
26. The termination of parental rights and alimony
27. The removal of obstacles to communication with the child and determining the order of communication with your child
28. The recovery of the amount of the loan and interest for wrongful use of borrowed money in connection with the breach of the loan agreement
29. Annulment of the right of use of premises, eviction and removal from registration accounting of residence
30. divorce, determination of residence of the child and alimony
31. for the recovery of wages due to the delay of the work book
32 for the recovery of wages
33. reinstatement and recovery of wages during his forced absence in the case of unlawful dismissal when downsizing or staff (Sec. 2, Art. 81 of the LC RF)
34. The eviction and removal from the register
35. The recognition of wills invalid
In addition, the application includes the following services:
1. "ORDER STATEMENT OF CLAIM (Review of action, appeal / cassation / supervisory appeal the court's decision, a statement of the litigation and enforcement proceedings, etc.);
2. "talk to a lawyer" - allows you to directly make a call or write a letter to the lawyer of your region.



Version: 2.4

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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