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Flashlight 2020 super lightnes is a simple, free, flashlight app with LED light and several screen modes. Free plugins like the Strobe, Morse, and Blinking lights make this flashlight one of the best productivity tools for your device.
With super Themes to customize your flashlight 2020 LED super lightnest. This is a totally free application that makes your smartphone a super flashlight fast and efficient. With many powerful features the application makes the flash of your camera brighten up what you need.
It has a Strobe function that makes the flash of your phone blink very fast and has super innovative themes.
The ultimate lighting tool takes full advantage of the camera LED light
Top-notch lighting tools make the most of the advantages of LED lighting.
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Flashlight 2020 super lightnes Features:
- Free
- Insanely bright, when using the LED flashlight
- Always available when you need it - this is the most optimized and reliable flashlight app designed to preserve your battery life while operating.
- Be prepared for emergency situations with additional plugins like the Warning lights and Strobe, Morse, Blinking lights.
- Use in the dark
- Walking in the dark
- During a party with the strobe function (blinking)
- Read a book in the dark
- When the light ends at home
- During the night
- Lighten your path
- It takes up little space
- Strobe frequency adjustment
- Strobe function
- HD Interface
- Brightness adjustment of the front display
- Works with locked screen
- For various phone models
- Totally free
- Low battery consumption.
- The brightest flashlight available - guaranteed!
- Turns on / off like a real flashlight.
- Glossy / sparkly lighting modes are supported
- Powerful flashlight app for Android.
- Glare frequency can be adjusted.
Flashlight 2020 super lightnes highlite:
* Flashlight for mobile
* American light
* Torchlight
* LED lantern
* Flashlight Strobe
* Strong light bulb
* Strobo light
* Strobe light
* Flashlight light
* Tactical flashlight
* Remove the dark
* Free Application
* For Party
* Torchlight
* Brightest
* Brighter
* Torch app
* Free Torch app



Version: 4.4.5

Requires: Android2.3.3 or later


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