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Is the official app of Satoru orthopedic clinic group Iwaki Central Institute of Iwaki City!
Treatment of Satoru orthopedic clinic group Iwaki Central Council "is the root therapy."
Suffering for many years in the pain, numbness did not get well through anywhere.
Please experience the pros and cons once treatment is such people.
● and Unuma orthodontic mechanics therapy
  · Heal the distortion to treat the root of the pain
  - There are various correction tailored to the patient
  - From young people to the person of our elderly do there was correction to its people
  - The step up to change the correction according to the patient's pain and then proceed to healing
  And lifestyle improvement and treatment after graduation of care to healing, exercise, do the exercise guidance
Treatment is a three-legged race. Invite them to think treatment would like to cure patients is really our hospital will be allowed to proceed with treatment together with the best treatment plan for patients.
Symptoms of the strain is different, you need to cure the root is the epicenter rather than cure the symptoms and pain. Currently, due to the past, and for now to change the future of the cause future, let's change the now!
In Iwaki City of Satoru orthopedic clinic group Iwaki Central Conservatory of official app, app can such a thing ♪
● collecting stamps, you can exchange such as the goods and services.
● has been issued, you can use the coupon from the app.
● You can see the menu of your store!
● You can also view photos of the shop appearance and introspection.



Version: 1.9

Requires: Android 2.3 or later


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