علاج الإنزلاق الغضروفى

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Under the supervision of
              Ed / Ashraf Abdel Monem Ezzedine
     Professor of neurosurgery Medicine, Mansoura
Specialty surgeries base of the skull and cerebral vascular
  U.S. Congressman for neurosurgery
   A member of the Egyptian Society for Neurosurgery
    Member Aljmaaha Egyptian spine surgery
     Member of the Association Dandy for neurosurgery
Key elements === ===
Do you suffer from pain in the back?
Do you suffer from neck pain?
Do you think that you have problems with the spine?
Do you know what are the symptoms of slipped disc?
Is his certainty that your symptoms are signs of Disc Prolapse?
What you should do to address this problem?
What are the ways to prevent it from slipping cartilage?
To answer all these questions you can take advantage of this program and many other information.
Under the supervision of a. D: Ashraf Abdel Monem Ezzedine
Professor of neurosurgery at the Faculty of Medicine Mansoura
Specialty surgery bottom of the skull and cerebral vascular
Alkenjrs member of the U.S. for neurosurgery
A member of the Egyptian Society for Neurosurgery



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Requires: Android2.3 or later


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