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Game Rules:
Callbreak is a card game played with a standard 52-card deck between four players. At starting of round dealer will be selected randomly.
Dealer will distribute cards equally starting from their right player in anti clockwise direction i.e 13 cards to each player.
Starting from dealer's right player, all player will bid/call no. of hands that they going to make. Failing so will give negative scores to that player.
e.g Let's say COM1 call for 3 hand than if it captured 3 hand then score will be 30 otherwise -30. in case COM1 get more than 3 hand then those will be get added as single point.
so if COM1 win 4 hand score will be 31
Game play:
There will be trump card, by default it's Spade but you can change that in setting to Random suit to be trump
In each trick, player must follow the same suit; if same suit card is not present then player must play a trump card if eligible to win; if not, player can play any card of their choice.
If player have higher card he/she must need to play that card.
After all 4 player play their card winner will be decide based on higher card. Winner's winning hand will be increase.
- Drag functionality to throw card
- Random trump play can be set in setting
- Audio effects
- Simple and attractive design
- Nice Bot AI
Credits: Vectorized Playing Cards 2.0 -
Copyright 2015 - Chris Aguilar -
Licensed under LGPL 3 -



Version: 1.0.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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