Find Phone by Whistle

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Use Whistle Phone Finder to find a lost phone by whistling! Give me loud sound with the mouth and find the gadget anywhere - in the car, in the bathroom, kitchen or even in the dark! Whistle Phone Finder will locate your gadget.
Always forget where you left your phone? Tired of spending precious time searching, when gadget you need one? Use Whistle Phone Finder - whistle, and the phone vibrates and rings, the camera flash will flash, and the location will be discovered! Night urgently need to go online or make a call but your phone is nowhere? Afraid to Wake the neighbors by turning on the light? Even if the phone is in vibrate mode, game Find phone the whistle will cause the gadget to ring loudly! Surprise your friends, controlling the ringing of the phone with no hands! Just whistle like a whistle!
ATTENTION! Detect the phone only possible with a loud and clear whistle! Background noise, interferences and noises can interfere with the search!
Solve the problem of finding fast and easy! Stay in touch!



Version: 1.7

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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