Muddy Offroad Truck Driving Adventure: Pro Trucker

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It's time to rush in a heavy duty muddy truck driving with the aim to become the master of this new hill drive on muddy road terrain environment. Drive very carefully to avoid falling crashes and sudden collisions with obstacles on the way & say your truck fuel by driving at an average speed. Your truck drive mission is complete the delivery task on bumpy tracks and collect the points to avail more new and modern trucks.
Get behind the wheel and hold your seat belt, be the ultimate Russian muddy truck driver on hilly roads in this ravishing muddy drive. Drive fast through extreme bumpy roads and enjoy various tasks in this muddy truck evolution rally racer driving game. You have choice to select the favorite trucks with different environment like offroad, highway, city, village but all are muddy because you have challenged to drive on the muddy roads. After completing the mission you get coins and stars to unlock new levels. Enjoy this most realistic version of mountain track rough driving on heavy duty dumper trucks. Take your truck to the parking garage and unload mechanic tools from your truck trolley. In different levels you have load different things and bring them on final point. Maintain your uphill speed and downhill apply hydraulic brakes where necessary and Be the most successful Russian muddy truck expert driver of the city rampage.
Enjoy your muddy truck hill racer and be a muddy truck rider in this most exciting racing simulator. Brace yourself for this new featured real truck riding game and feel the difficulty level on a 4 wheel drive. Adventure bouncy dunes while crushing heavy rock peaks in your truck hill drive. Maintain your uphill speed and downhill valley driving tracks.The muddy truck driving concept is very unique because you need a lot of courage to drive on hilly tracks with mud and mountainous ramp trails.
Muddy Offroad Truck Driving Adventure-Pro Trucker Features:
- Enjoy Realistic 3D environment on bumpy tacks and trails
- Become the offroad trucker master of this new hill drive truck
- Become 4x4 cargo delivery centipede driver with exhaustive driving routine
- Different weather conditions and the cycle of day / night
- Maintain your uphill speed and downhill apply hydraulic brakes where necessary
- Powerful Russian truck and maintain uphill speed
- Awesome collection of mud trucks with smooth controls



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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