US Police Transform Robot War

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US Police Transform Robot War is a game packed with intense exhilaration and electrifying action and is a step forward from other robot fighting games. It is unique in its action and execution as it offers a vast range of stunning exploit which a natural player of Police car robot games is always in quest for. Come and join it to have what you always been in search of in Police Moto robot games. If you want to have the experience of the latest Police robot, then you are just a click away from that. Many challenging episodes are in wait you in this one of the finest robot shooting games. Here, you will access a robot superhero to crush the mafia of the city in order to regain the last glory of the past of the city.
When you will once enter in this as superhero robot, it will be very hard for you restrain yourself from going ahead as the situation will demand your presence like robot police car games. Like brilliant robot fighting games, the stages of the game have been artistically planned and arranged with addition of X ray robot which will boast up your craze of fighting with the evil powers using modern police robot. In this game, you will be in position to unlock and unveil many shrouded mysteries of underworld with the help of Police Transmute Robot. Like real robot transform games, it will provide you all the required facilities to fight against the enemy of your city.
The city has been attacked by the mafia and thugs using latest equipment and technology and futuristic robot. The city people are waiting for a savior in this robot battle. It is a time for you to prove your mettle with the help of leopard robot you have got now in this game. You are in control of monster robot which will change itself as the need of the situation like robot shooting games. It can be transformed into a car robot, bike robot, robot helicopter, Moto robot, tank robot, flying car and flying robot. Crush the enemies with tactful use of robot bike simulator. Make a sound use of your car robot against the robot car of your enemy.
Use your modern police robot against the super robot of the underworld dons in order to rescue your city from their tyranny and oppression. If you won’t take this responsibility, then, there will be serious threat to the severity of your city like robot transform games. There are several evil robot cars against the police robot in like police Moto robot games. Use your police transmute robot against evil powers to make the enemy run from your city. Here, you have a full chance to be the hero by becoming the defender of the city of police car robot games. So come to experience the real flavor and expertise of robot police car games.



Version: 1.3

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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