I Tournament Manager

I Tournament Manager

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Health & Fitness | 4.4MB | Update: 2019-08-02 | Version: 1.10 | Requires: Android4.4 or later

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It is an app that makes a table based on each player's score for a game that is operated in doubles like tennis, table tennis and badminton.
If you manage athletes through a group and are active in different clubs, you can also manage the competition for each club, or you can manage the competition in the same club, in the form of a quarterly group. The total number of players does not have to be a multiple of four.
The players who are not playing will be on the waiting list and will be participating in the next game, so that the players can participate in the game in the most balanced way possible.
In addition, when the competition is already underway, if additional players arrive, it is possible to continue the competition by adding new players while maintaining the existing competition.
Even if a player in progress is unable to play the game, it is possible to end the tournament by reflecting the score from the last tournament (However, a player who is excluded from the tournament can not re-enter the tournament)
The player allocation for the game is based on the player's score, and the player with the highest score and the player with the lowest score among the four team assignments is assigned to the team, and the other two players are assigned to the opponent team So that the balance can be maintained for each game.
In addition, when the game is decided, the winner team is assigned to the front court for the next match, the loser team is assigned to the back court, and reassigned for each new game.
Based on completed game histories in one group, you can check your game history information by ranking or by point in the player profile information. In addition, by utilizing data export and import functions, it is possible to share the player history information and the tournament history information among the group members, and update and share the profile picture.
Point Table Management is a function that can manage the score difference of the winner team and the loser team in 21 sections, and set the score to be awarded to the winner and loser team in each confrontation between the teams in each section. This allows various forms of competition management. The winner and loser can be given the same score regardless of the section, or the loser can be penalized by applying a negative score.
The default setting is set so that the winning team will get a runner to the winner team and the runner will be given a runner. The higher the score, the lower the score. The lower the score, the higher the score.
You can set it freely according to the tendency of the club.
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What's new

- Fixed a bug which next players are set as more 4 players sometimes.
- Added a function which inform the error when you set non-number format in point table.

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