Diabetes Care Diet & Nutrition

Diabetes Care Diet & Nutrition

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It is a Free App specially designed for Diabetes Help Tips and awareness in healthy people as well as in Diabetic Patients. App covers information about all aspects related Diabetes such as Types causes risk factors friendly foods and foods to avoid etc.
You also have facility to directly contact Dietitian if you want to consult your diet and nutrition related issues and can also get your personalized diet chart as per your case and body Parameters. You can also consult the dietician for your queries.
App has following Primary sections:
* Types and Causes of Diabetes
* Symptoms of Diabetes
* Risk Factors (Type 1 Type 2 and Gestational Diabetes)
* Problems Faced by Diabetic Patients
* Diabetes Friendly Food
* Worst Foods for Diabetes
* Avoid Risk of Diabetes
* General Tips
Dieting ideas and tips of this app have been carefully reviewed by Experienced and professional dietitians carefully. App also emphasizes on primary tips that may be very helpful sometimes, such as:
* Follow balanced Diet Plan
* Engage in Active Lifestyle
* Do Regular Exercise
* Drink Plenty of water
* Things to avoid
* Avoid Starch
* Use Low Salty Food
* Add More Fibers in your Diet
* Things to avoid by Diabetic Patient
If you require additional assistance from real professional dietitians, app allows you to contact the dietician from the App to consult your queries and problems online. You can even seek for your personalized diet chart from the dietitian by using the options from the App.
If you have any medical history or have any additional queries, you can contact dietitian by tapping the Contact button within the App.

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More diet tips health idea and best practices to stay healthy and fit.
Added Workout and Calories charts.
Added Daily Diet charts for each week.
Added Pre-loaded Diet Charts.

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