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SHOPGUIDE - a marketplace to discover and shop independent
fashion designers from around the globe.
With SHOPGUIDE you can buy clothes, shoes and accessories from emerging fashion designers in a few clicks.
New talents with their own DNA from around the globe.
Find beautiful products for those who want to stand out, in our app.
Inspired new arrivals and our recommendations.
Filter products by personal style.
Our designers: Daniil Guliaev, General VI, IKIGAI, IMPUGN, Leta, Linen Sky, LOLA BROWN, MurMur, MY NUDE NYMPH, Natia Gaperidze, NAYA, Novaya, SVARKA, The Robe, Ulyana Lineva,
Zasepskaya.Wear, ZA_ZA
and many others.
Find new designers from all over the world and choose what suits you.

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Ability to purchase within the app in a few clicks

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