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  • #1.Facebook - Crashes phone on some news feeds, wont load pages on wifi so you have to switch to data, then decides to do the same but on data. Never had a problem until the latest update. Samsung s7
  • #2.Facebook - Galaxy S6 and Android updated last nigjt. Now can not share any posts. Can't check in or add location to a pic or post. It just goes away back to the timeline like nothing happened..... something broke between new Android OS and Facebook. Hope it's fixed soon......
  • #3.Facebook - It'd be better if we can play music on our profile page, glad we have the live option and the extra like/ emoji buttons as well!!!
  • #4.Facebook - I have had none stop issues with this app it uninstalls it self everyday. I can't get on to half my apps I have not hated facebook so much due to all the technical issues. Very upset
  • #5.Facebook - I like ,its very nice. Never have a problem. I Founded my friends! This site is getting better and better. Always telling when, who is Birthday. ...Awesome!
  • #6.Facebook - After upgrading to this version,it has never keeps giving me error.I'm getting fedup with it now.
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