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Welcome to the best way to discover new and popular apps/games for offline tv app. UC Browser is a free web browser for android devices with Fast Download, Data Saving, Ad-Block functionality, and helps you access music, video, cricket information with smooth experience. Below you can download a list of top and exciting apps related to offline tv app.With these amazing apps, our phone and tablet are about to become more useful than ever.
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  • #1.UC Browser - Fast Download Private & Secure - It took away the option of selecting my own video player to stream online videos.. plz fix ..and I will rate it back to 5.. thanx
  • #2.UC Browser - Fast Download Private & Secure - Why can't it download video anymore? It happened after I update this app. So I thought the previous version is much more better. :-(
  • #3.UC Browser - Fast Download Private & Secure - Because it tells me to update your uc browser but there is no option to update and they are also telling that your phone is getting virus
  • #4.UC Browser - Fast Download Private & Secure - When my phone locks during the time of downloading a file, it paused automatically u0026amp; when unlock my phone it ask permission to resume the download as I was not in wifi network..This is disgusting..I can't use wifi all time in all sometimes need to download files via mobile network u0026amp; I can't sit down turning my phone screen on untill a file end downloads..I like UC browser most then other but this problem is boring me a lot as I can't find any settings to turn it off..So help is regarded..thank you
  • #5.UC Browser - Fast Download Private & Secure - Uc used to be so good but now all those unncessary features of music have made it really worthless. I use Uc mainly to dowload music and when i wanna play the music it gets started on Uc music!!!...damn dts soo irritatin...i want dt song to be added to my device music player bt it tks like a day or two for dt to hppn...i mean seriously will i keep openin uc music jst for dose few songs evrytime i wanna hear it??? PLZ FIX THIS OR RATHER I SHD SAY PLZ REMOVE UC MUSIC PLZ!!
  • #6.UC Browser - Fast Download Private & Secure - In this verson in reading news you can not add bookmark any news for future read .Please resolve this problem immediately.
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